Monday, January 31, 2011

Lively Silhouette

Sometimes you come across a fabric that just draws you into it's details, the more you look the more you see. Lively Silhouette is the absolute perfect name for this fabric by Jane Sassaman for her latest range Garden Divas. Sit back and have a walk through this moonlit garden.

Just amazing!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!!

I must have been in a bit of a daze when I getting ready to go to our local Australia Day celebrations this morning because somehow I mislaid my hat. One minute I was wearing it and the next it was gone. Soon I was running around the house in a mad search for my red flowery hat. Being a super hot summers day meant I would've been crazy to go out in the sun without it. I enlisted the help of GBF and together we searched every room, including the sewing room about 3 times before finally discovering it camouflaged in a pile.
Hmm I seem to remember getting distracted for a few minutes, sewing a few things, toying with ideas... Anyway, happy with my red, flowery, fabric stash hat shading me we set off.

Here's just a couple of random moments in my day...

Lunch was served in cones of very thin pine wood. Clever presentation and biodegradable. Pine cones!
A real life sized garden gnome!!!
Love these colours!!
The same colours as my dolls quilt. This is the layout I've decided on. The little squares, when sewn, will be 1.5 inches making the finished size only 18 inches. Doesn't that sound small! Next job is squaring up all the half square triangles... a job I find a little bit tedious but if I just do a few every now and then they'll be ready in a flash.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cutting Charm Squares!!

That's what I'll be doing now that I have a winner for my Eleventy One Giveaway.

Before I announce the lucky recipient I just have to say how much fun it's been reading all the comments about your sewing machines. From old to new, Names like Honey, The Monster and Curtis, The tales of where you got them, Dreams of ones you would like, They all sound wonderful! Someone should make a coffee table book a bit like that Men and Sheds book that was around a few years ago.
After you all sharing stories about your sewing machines I thought it only fair that I tell you about mine - I've got Betty, a lovely but heavy old Bernina 530-2 that was found in a garage sale for $10. She's in really good working order and I've made many a quilt with her. My new ( well, I've had it for a year now) machine is a Pfaff Quilt Expression. I love it's little luxuries like the thread cutter, clever foot pedal control, built in walking foot, it's got a zillion stitches that I haven't explored yet but it's nice knowing they're there waiting for me. I must admit I'm thinking about getting another one for the stable... nothing fancy, just a lighter one to carry to classes.

Okay, back to announcing the winner... to pick from all the wonderful comments I enlisted the help of my buddy, who without hesitating for a moment chose...

Melissa of Clothwork who has 7 sewing machines!!! Her blog is really worth a visit if you haven't already been. Awesome quilts and other sewing lovelies.

My next few photos are my excuse for not blogging over the weekend. Besides household chores I worked on my dolls quilt for DQS10
My secret recipient loves wonky stars, bright colours and I've noticed she likes to use black and whites spots sometimes...
Hmmm, wasn't sure about the stars, just didn't feel interesting enough... so had another look for inspiration and came up with ...
Hmmm... but what if I combine the two ideas...
and put a star in the middle?
I'll play around with this idea a bit, who knows where I'll end up!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Sherbert Pips and Candy Stripes

I finished my Sherbet Pips top last Sunday but for some reason my camera hasn't wanted to share the photo's until now ( hmph!) . Better late than never!

These fabrics have been so lovely to use!! Nice cooling colours on these hot summer days.
Aneela Hoey has done so well at choosing the shades of colour. Each of them are just right, the pink is such a soft dreamy blush, the blue is like cool waters, the grey is rich, stormy sky and the red a tasty tomato.
The backing fabric i'll use is from my stash. Ribbons and Bows by Martha Negley, picks up on the white, grey and blue and I think the bows are the same fun joyous vibe of scooters and swings. Not to mention the brownie points I get for using fabric I already have!!
I thought I'd finished the top but after some desicion making cups of tea decided it really did have to be bigger so I could use it on our bed.
If Sherbet Pips yardage was available I probably would have used the scarf stripe in the range. For a moment I did think about waiting until it's release in April but then this quilt would have gone into the cupboard with all the other unfinished quilts. So I took another look...

And some Sis Boom Eliza Stripes came to the rescue and I think it's the perfect choice!!! These candy stripes makes the quilt more snappy and I'm really liking the way the stars extended into the border.
Candy stripes for a Sherbet Pips quilt! I'm thinking of calling this quilt Candy Store.
The plan for this weekend is to get it all pinned together and get started on the quilting. I'll be doing some work on my doll quilt too, so I might get distracted, we'll see...

Don't forget my giveaway, there's still a couple of days to go so leave a comment on the giveaway post, and share something about your sewing machine.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 10

... has begun!!!

It's worth being part of the fun just to have this gorgeous button, designed by Amy from badskirt on my blog. Yes that's a real little quilt, only 4 inches big, so cute!! Our swap quilts don't have to be that small, phew! the minimum size is 12inches and we can go up to 24 inches.

The Doll Quilt Swap would probably be the biggest and most popular crafty swap in Flickr land. It's so popular the participants are chosen by a lottery but still have to have demonstrated current crafty photos on their flickr sites. Well, 2011 is my lucky year and I'm in!! I've just found out who my secret partner is so now it's time to start planning what I'll make based on his/her photos, favourites and comments in the groups discussions.

Here's a mosaic of my favourites and I've also made a Gallery of photos to help my partner know my tastes.

If my partner is stalking and lurking here - Helllooo!!! Thanks for taking the time to make something for me. I just know it'll be amazing!!

I'm off to do some more stalking and see if I come up with some ideas...

Very Excited!!! and a bit nervous too!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky Me!!!

I've been a very lucky girl recently!! It's like Christmas hasn't stopped...

The first parcel contained these lovely selvedges all the way from Portugal. I won them in a giveaway held by Daisy at the blog By Daisy. The funny thing is she was offering 3 prizes and you could say which you preferred. I was the only one who wanted the selvedges but she thought it only fair that she still choose randomly. My name came out of the hat!!! Obviously meant to be. Thanks Daisy!!

A couple of days later another package was waiting on my doorstep. This one was from Melody at The House on the Side of The Hill blog. She had a secret giveaway on New Years Day where she randomly selected the winner from her followers. I found out when I checked in to see what what was happening on her blog. This are the lovely things I received. Thanks Melody!!
Yesterday when I got home from work there was an envelope with a US stamp in my mailbox. It was my sweet house block from Beth at Love, Laugh, Quilt. To celebrate our wonderful bloggy neighbourhood she asked people to send her a house block. She then distributed them in groups of nine to selected winners. Everyone who participated in the project received a little house to play with. Thanks Beth!!
I had to play with my house straight away!! I used some of Daisy's selvedges and some of Melody's charm squares, a few bits and pieces from my scrap bin and came up with this...
A heart to show my heartfelt thanks!! I'm not sure if it'll stay small or grow into a quilt...
Talking of giveaways don't forget my giveaway in the previous post, it's still open until next weekend so if you haven't left a comment you've still got time. It's been so interesting hearing about everyone's sewing machines!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eleventy One Giveaway

How's this for coincidence. Today is the eleventh day of the first month

In other words, well, numbers that's 1-11
and I've just noticed that I have 111 followers!!! Wow!!!

I think that's pretty special and worth celebrating...

Bloggy syle with a giveaway!!!

One lucky winner will win 111 charm squares cut from my stash.

Of course I'm happy to post internationally!!!

I've been thinking about sewing machines recently so for a chance in the giveaway leave me a comment telling me something about your sewing machine. Do you love it or wish for another? Have you given it a pet name? Do you have more than one? Any little tantalising tidbit will do.

You get a second chance if you leave another comment saying you're a wonderful follower.

I'll pick a winner in eleven days, I figure running a giveaway for 111 days would be stretching it just a bit too much. :)
By now you must be wondering about the photos. I came across this fence that had been decorated in Redfern, Sydney. I couldn't find any information but my guess is that it was a community art project of some sort. It was done in sections showing different artists work, each so different but all so interesting and wonderful.
I love it when you stumble across a treasure like this!!! I've called it Inspiration Fence. A flock of plastic cutlery birds, recycled fence skaters, just amazing and all the more wonderful for being in an outdoor setting. I love that part of the challenge for the creators would have been to use things that could withstand rain, hail and shine.
A big Happy 1-11-11 to everyone. And a Super Special Big Thank You to my 111 followers!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Betty and the Sherbet Pips

My fancy Pfaff sewing machine is off having it's yearly checkup so I've dusted off Betty Bernina to keep me company in the sewing room. I must admit it's been a while since I've used her so it's lucky I have the instruction book, I've needed to refer to it a few times. She sews like a dream, straight, steady and has a very even temprement.

So what have Betty and I been getting up to? Hmm well umm, I'm afraid to say, Not the hundred half finished projects I should be working on!! Yeah , I know...But really, How could I resist playing with these sweet fabrics???

Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey for Moda. It's not actually being released until April but a few precuts somehow made it to some shops and I was lucky enough to get a layer cake and a charm pack. My favourite print in all the colourways are the people scooting. They really grabbed my attention because GBF is a scooter guy!! He zips around everywhere on his scooter just like these fabric people.
In addition to Sherbert Pips, I added some fabrics from my stash... Some I've had for so long I don't know who the designers are.Some Sis Boom stripes...
And this is what I've done so far... Stars and Squares. I'm keeping it simple, making the most of the precuts and letting the fabrics do the talking.

I'll make a few more random stars then I think that's it. I'll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.


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