Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picking Flowers and Winners

Giveaway Day has been a roller coaster of fun! 3 cheers for Sew Mama Sew for organising such a great event. I've been amazed at peoples generosity, inspired by clever creativity and found new wonderful blogs to follow. But the best part for me has been reading all your wonderful comments about your favourite flowers.

If only I could plant all your favourites in one big garden. It would be the most beautiful garden in the world and you'd all be welcome to visit whenever you like.

A HUGE welcome to all the the new followers!! I thought we could have a meet and greet next week and get to know each other a bit better. Stay tuned!

Okay, okay I'll stop waffling on so I can announce the lucky winners.

Firstly the Doll Quilt,
Suzee of AppleHead Threads is the proud new owner of the little Starry doll quilt!! Her favourite flowers are daisies!!

And the Embroiderers Companion Book goes to
Jodi who doesn't have a blog. She loves wild freesias that grow beside the road.

Congratulations!! I'll be sending emails to you both...

The photos in this post are some oldies of mine. It's nice to go back through the archives and unearth some favourites.

1. The beautiful pink peonies were from a few birthdays ago. I was given a big bunch but thought they'd look nice spread along my mantle piece. A good excuse to use a few of my vases too.

2. Another birthday bunch, this time some rare dark red peonies. The buds look like beetroots and then they open to that luscious big bloom with bright yellow stamens.

3. A photo for the tulip lovers.

4. Lily of the Valley- such a heavenly perfume

5. Something a bit different, a zucchini flower as it's just opening. I love their star shape, and they're tasty to eat too.

I'm off to a sewing retreat this weekend and will be back next week with lots of show and tell. I hope you all have wonderful weekends planned!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!!

Yippeee Yay!! It's Give Away Day!!! Boy, have I got some treats for you!!

First up is this Doll Quilt. It's only 16 inches square but it's colourful spottiness will brighten any room.

Some close ups...

But that's not all, folks!!

I've got a second giveaway of a book: The Embroidery Companion By Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy blog. I love my copy so much that I ordered a second to give away.

Alicia has even personally signed it for you.

To make these prizes more fun, I've been cutting charm squares. Shades of blue from my Blue Mountain Daisy stash. A little pile for each of my winners.

I guess you're wondering what hoops you have to jump through to win these prizes.

It's easy:

1, Leave a comment and to make it fun tell me what your favourite flower is and why. Also let me know if you would prefer the Doll Quilt or the book.
2, Followers, new and old, get to leave another comment

Entries close 8pm 26th of May ( Sydney, Australian time)and I'll pick a winner randomly.

And Yes I'll ship world wide!!

Usually I like to reply to all my comments by email but I've learnt from past Give Away Days that it gets pretty busy so please understand that if I don't reply that I still treasure every word and appreciate the time you take to visit and comment.

Okay, that's it! Happy Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day, good luck and have fun!!

Entries for this giveaway are now closed. A big thank you to every one who left a comment!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Quilt is Featured on Modern Day Quilts!!

Wowie!!! Zowie!!!

This is so exciting - One of my quilts is being featured on Modern Day Quilts.

I feel really, really honoured!!

For those of you who haven't heard of Modern Day Quilts it's a blog that provides , in Heather's own words,
"One modern quilt a day. Searching the best modern quilts on the web for the most awesome one today."

Modern Day Quilts

I bet you're wondering which quilt is the most awesome today , well pop over here to have a look.

I'm busy pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My DUDQS Doll Quilt has arrived!!

There's a beautiful new treasure in my loungeroom....

It didn't take long for the curious monkey cushion to investigate...
Not to be left out Hernando pranced to the scene " Hmmm Darlings.. Look! The little quiltie matches me!!"
Mrs Vase Lady wanders past and says " What's going on over here? Why look at that beautiful quilt! All those blue fabrics are so wonderful together!"
"Ohhh yes! And look at that perfect hand stitching and super crisp binding! Mmm, I just love a good binding! " Hernando gushes.
A pair of deers on their way to Christmas were captured by the Doll Quilt's beauty and stopped to admire.
" It's like a beautiful flower, a daisy perhaps" contemplates White Deary Deer
" I think it looks a bit like blue hills, Mountains in fact, Yes, it looks like a blue mountain range" Big Red Deer observed.
"The center circle looks like a big full moon." White Deary Deer added
Big Red starts singing "Bluue Mooon la la la... "
A 2 headed duck flew in and looked at the quilt with both heads and said "Quack Quack!!" which translated means "That quilt is Amazingly Amazing!!"
A gaggle of giggling geese soon followed and exclaimed "Such a beautiful Doll Quilt deserves a welcome party!!!"
So that's what happened! Out came the snacks, we invited the BBQ man and hung the bunting. Abba even turned up and played some tunes!!

Halfway through the party I decided it was speech time. Here's what I said:
"I'd like to send a huge Thank You to Sonia at SewHappy45 for creating the most beautiful Doll Quilt for me! I'm so honoured by all the thought, care and work she's put into it. This beauty is only 15 inches square but it has the oomph of a king size quilt. I love the choice of fabrics. Strangely I don't have any of them in my stash which is fun because they're all new to me. The hand quilting in the border is so perfect. Sonia even washed and dried the quilt before sending it so it has the slightly crinkled look that makes you want it hug it. But that's not all folks... Somehow Sonia found a fabric that looks like the edges of my blog and sent me some extra and a charm pack of Tula Pink's Plume!!! So a huge round of applause for Sonia of Sewhappy 45!!!". The crowd cheers!!!
Clink clink clink
"I want to add, Thanks to Kate from One Flew Over for organising the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap 2. The fun isn't over yet. I'll be popping back to Flickr to see who gets which quilt.". The Crowd cheers again!!

And we all get back to celebrating the arrival of our most beautiful doll quilt.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2011

Yippee!!! It Blogger's Quilt Festival time!!!

A huge thanks to Amy of Amy's Creative Side for organising such a fun event and also to the wonderful sponsors of the Festival!! And thank You, lovely reader, for stopping by and taking the time to look at my quilt.

Without further ado I'd like to introduce you to my Whirlwind Romance quilt.

It was love at first sight when I saw French General's Lumiere de Noel fabric with its luscious reds, dreamy creams and romantic toiles. I knew I had to make something with it, but what?

The perfect opportunity arose whilst on a sewing retreat, in a class where Chris Jurd was teaching her Friendship Circle quilt. The center circle and dresdens are all made with one layer cake. Here are some medallions that others made that weekend. I love all the different colour combinations!!

I cut my strips narrower than the pattern so my center is quite busy but I like the movement it has. To me it's as though the couple dancing in the center are so lost in a moment that everything around them is a swirly blur. Okay, I know I'm a romantic... sigh...

Whirlwind Romance has been beautifully custom quilted by Tanya Croft. I just got it back last weekend so it's hot off the presses!! Tanya did such a wonderful job of enhancing the piecing and fabrics and giving it another dimension of patterns and textures. ( Thanks Tanya!)

It's 80 by 80 , perfect size for our bed but I can just imagine a romantic spring picnic with strawberries and champagne, French of course!

I love listening to music when I sew and to say I have broad tastes is an understatement. While I was sewing this quilt I had a hankering to listen to Mozart. The Magic Flute performed by the London Philhamornic Orchestra became the soundtrack for this quilt. And yes, I do sing along... but only when I know no one is listening. :)

I'd better stop chatting and let you go and have a look at the other Festival quilts. There's lots of lovelies to see!! It's going to be a fun week!


Amy's Creative Side

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not Long To Go..

Not long to go until the Bloggers Quilt Festival begins! Have you all got your quilts ready to show? My plans for the weekend is to get cosy on the couch, snuggled in a quilt (winter has arrived early here in Australia) and do nothing but visit blogs, look at quilts, and drink cups of tea.

Amy's Creative Side | Bloggers' Quilt Festival

To add to my excitement I've just heard that I'm going to be a featured quilter from Thursday afternoon (US time) over at Amy's Creative Side. WooHoo!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Never Too Old To Play With Dollies!

This seems to be the year of Doll Quilts here at Blue Mountain Daisy. In January I was lucky enough to get into Doll Quilt Swap 1o. This is the Doll Swap that started it all and this is the 10th round so it's very well organised with lots of fun along the way. Not to mention the amazing talent of the participants!

It's a secret swap so we don't know who is making a quilt for us and we try not to let our partners know we're stalking them. We all posted mosaics of our favourites as inspiration for our partners as well as a brief description of our likes. Megan of BoutiqueNutmegDesigns posted this mosaic as well as saying she likes wonky stars and houses. In addition I had a thorough read through her blog and spent time going through her Flickr stream. Stalking is an apt word!

Playing with the wonky star suggestion I used lots of the bright colours Megan likes and picked up on the black/white dots that popped up a bit in her favourites.
But... I felt it wasn't quite snazzy enough, so it was back to the drawing board. I then came up with this little 18 inch quilt.
I had to play with the colours a bit and I admit I made 3 center stars before I had one I was really happy with. Then I had to walk away and leave it for a week before I could decide what colour binding to use but I was so happy with the result.

It played on my mind that Megan had also said she loved wonky houses. There was also a reminder from our Swap Mamas to everyone that DQS10 should be on the label. The idea for the backing/label came to me in the middle of the night.
One rooftop on the house has my details and the other rooftop has Megan's ( it's covered in this photo as this was before I sent it off and it was still a secret)

I had so much fun being part of the swap that I signed up for the DownUnder Doll Quilt Swap.
This is my partner Sally's mosaic.

The bubbly circles quilts jumped out at me and I planned to make pieced circles. I had to laugh when Sally posted her progress photo and she was making a bubbly circle quilt for her partner. I thought it too obvious to continue down that path.

so I settled on a bright star! I auditioned a few backgrounds but black was the obvious choice. The Star almost looks it's floating off the background.

The backing is a parade of flamingoes and more black/white fabric and a little lady pointing to the label.

The little circles from my first idea weren't wasted, I whipped them up into a mug rug that went to Sally too.

A few people have asked how I can part with my little creations. I guess I know from the beginning that they're not for me so I don't get attached. My reward is the challenge of making the perfect quilt for my recipient and learning new things along the way.

Both my partners have received their quilts and have said they loved them. I'm still waiting for my little dollies. It seems my quilt from the DQS10 has gone missing and my lovely, kind partner has had to make another one for me. The Downunder Swap final sending date is the 27th May so it might be a few weeks away yet. One day there'll be a parcel or two on my doorstep.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This is a real mixed bag post today.

First up is to announce the winner of the Fun and Friendly give away.....

Janet from Quiltsalott!! Yippee!! A round of applause!!! If you haven't seen her blog then make a cup of tea, settle in and and enjoy looking at her beautiful quilts. You won't be disappointed.

Next on the agenda: Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone for your wonderful comments about my quilts in the Springwood Show. Are you wondering which quilt Gbf chose?
A lot of you thought the Beatles quilt, which usually would be right but not this time
Some guessed Stash Mish Mash, and well, he does like bright colours but out of the 4 quilts..

He chose Scooting Stars!!
Because he's a Scooting Star himself!!

Gbf scoots everywhere! It's easy to fold up and take on the train so he zips to and from the station, from Central in Sydney he scoots about 15 minutes to his job. It's impressive seeing him zooming around although sometimes I can't watch when he flies down hills. The best thing is the smile he has as he scoots around, a glimpse of the boy in the man. It's his birthday today- Happy Birthday Gbf!!!!

I'm linking up with Pyjama Party Sunday over at Marg's blog Sunshine?Paradise? to report what I got up to in my sewing room today.

I was up and out of my pj's early but I did get a bit of sewing done. I really should be finishing off older projects but I'm justifying this beginning by the fact that I've had the template and fabrics for this quilt for about 2 years. It was about time I put my rotary cutter where my idea was.

This afternoon I put the binding on my quilt for the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy at Amy's Creative Side Blog. It kicks off next Friday on the 13th May and is so much fun. Lots of lovely blogs and amazing quilts, I can hardly wait! For more information check this link.

Okey dokes, I think that's all my news for now. I'm off to light the candles on Gbf's birthday cake.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Springwood Community Quilt Show 2011

The Springwood Community Quilt Show is one of the highlights of my year. Over 150 wonderful, stunning, inspiring quilts! And it's in my neighbourhood!

The committee did an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly. I volunteered on Saturday morning, selling tickets and white gloving. It's such a nice way of meeting people and hearing positive reactions about the show.

It is a non judged show but visitors are able to choose a favourite and the 3 most popular win a prize. To see the winners go the the Springwood Show blog.

I entered 4 quilts this year. They're all quilts that I never thought I'd show, but I'm glad I did because it's such a buzz to see them hanging. I received so many lovely comments about how bright and fun they were so it didn't matter that they weren't super technical show stoppers.
The quilts I was planning for the show have been bit neglected as other things come up, but that's life. Fingers crossed they'll be finished by next year, I'm working on it!

First up is Scooting Stars featuring the Sherbet Pips range. You can't tell from the photo but some of the fabrics have cute little people on scooters, hence the quilt's title.
Next is Stash Mish Mash. I made this quilt as part of the online magazine Fat Quarterly's 2010 Quiltalong. The pattern was designed to use jelly rolls but I cut 2.5 inch strips from fabrics in my stash instead. 2 lovely people chose this quilt as their 'Viewers Choice'- thank you!! And I saw someone taking a photo of it which made me really happy.

All You Need is Love is actually the backing of a quilt I made for Gbf. I thought it would be fun for any Beatles fans that attended the show. I heard a few husband's loved it.

I wasn't able to help with the hanging of the quilts this year so it was such a surprise and honour to enter the hall and see one of my quilts hanging up on the wall. The quilts hung there look so impressive. Strawberries on Ice was one of my very first quilts.
I wish I'd taken lots more photos of the quilts, but I got caught up chatting and forgot. I did manage to get a few.

This is the Deauville Quilt, by Lorraine Titcume using a Chris Jurd pattern.
A Chris Jurd stunner called Jacobean Star. I'm so in love with this quilt, it's on my to do list!!
And here is Chris's Ancient Dahlia Quilt, this quilt is simply magic!!

A new thing this year is the collectors Quilt Show bag. The school house is the perfect logo as the show raises money for the Springwood High School Textile and Hospitality departments and the P&C for spending within the School. Some funds are also donated to a designated charity, this year being the Rural Fire Service.
Armed with my special bag it seemed only sensible to get something to put into it. Some fat quarters for my stash, of course!! The brown with blue spots was Gbfs choice. He was adamant I get it. I love that he takes an interest, and it works well with the fabrics I chose.
Talking of Gbf's choices, I told him he could choose which of the 4 quilts to have on the bed after the show. Have a guess which he chose.

Ps I've had some lovely comments recently that I haven't been able to reply to because the addresses come up as "No Reply". Read here for more info.



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