Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little bit of flowery fun

Meet Statler and Waldorf.

Banksias are Australian native flowers and baueri are the biggest of the species, with flowers that can be as big as 30 x 20cm or 12 x 8 inches!
Baueri are different to most Banksias because their texture is soft rather than coarse and spiky.
This is why they're also known as Woolly Banksias, Possom Banksias or even Teddy Bear Banksias.

So with all those cute names to choose from are you wondering why I've called mine Statler and Waldorf?
Because something about the two stems I have reminds me of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scooting Stars at the Summer Fair

It's winter here in Australia but one way to enjoy some Summery sun is joining in the Gen X Quilters Summer Fair Quilt Show.
Gen X Quilters Summer Fair
Scooting Stars is the quilt I made last Summer. I'd managed to get my hands on some pre-released Sherbet Pips charm squares and a layer cake. I found the colours as sweet as sorbet and cooling to work with on hot summer days.

I used a simple layout, not wanting to waste my precious Pips. The layer cake and charms squares did the work and I just added some rectangles and made some wonky stars to give the quilt some focal points.

Due to it's queenly size, I had it long arm quilted. I wanted sweeping loops to represent the path of a dog chasing a ball around, or a child scooting here and there. Quilter Tanya Croft took it a step further and suggested butterflies as well. I am so happy with the end result, it really adds another layer of joy to the quilt.

The scooting print was the reason I just had to have this range! Gbf is an avid scooter. He's always zipping everywhere. I was so impressed that someone thought to design a fabric of scooting people - Thanks Aneela!!

And who could resist these sweet happy dogs!

And how clever are these spots! Aneela thought outside the square and came up with a dot that is a square!

I added a few fabrics from my stash because I wanted a bigger quilt, and also for variety. The red stripes are a Sis Boom classic, I used the pink stripe too. I'm not sure who designed the swirly flower fabric, it's been in my stash for ages!

The pink flowery fabric is a vintage fabric I found on Etsy and liked it because it has donkeys on it.

The backing is Ribbons and Bows fabric by Martha Negley. Simple solid red binding really give the edges definition.
I am so pleased with the way this quilt turned out. It's definitely one of my favourites! Even looking at it now brings back that summery feeling.
A big thanks to AnneMarie at Gen x Quilters for organising the Summer Fair. Click on the linky tent and it will magically take you to the fair so you can see more quilts...

Gen X Quilters Summer Fair


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

While The Cat's Away...

Once a month I attend a Saturday class held by Chris Jurd, the quilter extraordinaire, but this month she was called away. Happily that didn't stop us classy ladies getting together for some sewing fun times.

So what did the mice get up to ...

Sue worked on her Oriental Beauty blocks. She's making enough for 3 quilts and has a huge pile of gorgeous pointy blocks. When Sue gets set up she sews she's like a Grand Prix racer flying through her projects! Every now and then she'd hold up one with extra pretty fabrics or another that particularly popped.
Lorraine was working on her Lots Of Dots circles for a little while until she went ...
and helped Alice pin baste 3 quilts!
After the basting was finished Alice enjoyed the sun and sunny chatter.
There wasn't a lot of Show and Tell this month but here's Alice's Friendship Circle. I think she's using it to make a big table topper.
And then we come to Janice, thinking hard about the placement of her blocks for a baby quilt.
Once she'd decided on the layout, she clicked into gear and whipped this little quilt up in no time!
The hand embroidered teddy bear blocks were very cute and we all agreed the alphabet border fabric was fabulous!!
So what did I do? besides chatting ... I sewed little piles... of foundation piecing pieces. I still have to trim them and sew them together to create circles but still, they're there ready to go. I'll do my best to get at least one circle sewn together this week.
We missed Pam and Bronwyn who had other obligations but we'll see them at Sewing Camp in August for more fun times and serious sewing. :-)

A special thanks goes out to Gbf who made us a very tasty Zucchini cake. It was full of nuts, currants (which he used instead of sultanas) and lots of yummy things which he then topped with a lemon icing. Oops, I forgot to take a photo but here's the link to the recipe. It comes highly recommended!
I'm beginning to think I should start another blog called " MasterChef Gbf " all about the dishes he cooks. For example this is what he cooked on Saturday night...

Trout stuffed full of leek and prosciutto, wrapped in prosciutto, cooked on a bed of Spanish onions in apple cider. It was delicious!

I'd say all in all I had a pretty fabulous Saturday!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Cheers for Cadel Evans!!

For the first time ever in the history of the Tour de France there will be an Aussie standing on the podium in first place!!

WoooHoooo!!! Way to go Cadel Evans!! You're the man!! Chapeau!!

The term used to describe Cadel Evans' ride in the final time trial was "He's riding like a Man-Machine." In fact he's ridden all 3 weeks of the tour like that. Focused, steady and in peak fitness. He deserves every bit of the yellow jersey he'll be wearing.. they ride into Paris today!

Vive Le Tour!!

PS I know the Tour is held in Summer but here in OZ it's the middle of winter, and the stages are in the middle of the night, so for us getting cosy in quilts is part of our tour experience. For the full story of the Tour De France quilt pop over here...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bag Mandy made me...

I mention it occasionally, so you might already know that my most very favourite fabric of all time is Jennifer Paganelli's Nuala in red/aqua. I love the electric colours and the timeless pattern. Seeing it just makes me happy! I only ever got my hands on half a yard of it but every little piece of it has been put to good use. In fact I love this fabric so much that Gbf has nicknamed me the Nuala Koala.

I mentioned my love of it to Mandy of Mand-a-lin blog, a fellow Sis Boom fabric lover, and the next time I saw her she'd whipped up this gorgeous bag for me!!

OOOhhhh!!!! SooOOOOOOoo Beautifulll!!!
She put the fabric's name from the selvedge, that's Mandy for you, so clever and thoughtful.

So I know I mentioned that I loved Nuala, but what I hadn't told Mandy was how much I love red/white polka dots. It's not something I tell many people. I'm a bit obsessed with them and I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm a bit dotty. Hee hee :-) I've got a whole shelf dedicated to them. So to have a bag with red and white polka dots, even in the lining is sooo me!
Here's just a few of my dotty spotty collection. I've got a quilt planned for them, with pillows to match, maybe a skirt or 2...
Thank you Mandy, You made me the world's coolest bag!!!
Super exciting news , My wish that Nuala would be reprinted has almost been granted. I found a sneak peek of Jennifer's new designs on her website in the side bar on her blog. West Indies is another one of her beautiful ranges of glorious rich colours and beautiful patterns. I'm excited that it includes a fabric called Matilda that is reminiscent of Nuala! I'm not sure when it's being released, but I know I'll be stocking up this time.
You can't have too much of a good thing!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cat In the Quilt

Hello, Here I am!! I'm back!!

I've been such a busy worker bee lately that I haven't had much time to sew but I did add something to my Cattywampus quilt. There were a few comments about the quilt that inspired me...

Kat said "This is brilliant! So many things to look at and admire. I could get lost in it for an hour lol...
And what about doggadogsberry ... just continuing with the animal theme :)"

Robyn said "Great quilt! Another thing to add to my bucket list. I can't think of any names like Cattywampus but I think you should have one with a dog mention in it too and some dogs as I can't see any in the cattywampus :)."

These comments brought to my attention the feline aspects of the quilt's name. And although it's a bit of an I spy of random things and has elephants, horses, birds I realised Cattywampus really needed a Cat !

Then Mary said " Love the quilt and Cattywumpus is perfect! It is very Willy Wonkish sounding.....or Doctor Suess-ish! The stitching is fun! It is a great, bright, cheerful quilt!"

Ah ha , I thought - Dr Seuss!!! Perfect, I've got some Cat in the Hat fabric in my stash!!

Soon after , Karen said "Fabulous quilt!!! Love the name. How many times do you stop and find particular fabrics? Kinda like a 'Where's Wally' puzzle."

Where's Wally?! - Light bulb moment!! I'll make a little patch with the cat in the hat that can be moved around the quilt so it becomes a game of hide and seek.

And that's what I did.

A little rectangle of fabric stiffened with iron on interfacing, a pin attached to the back and there you go - a mischievous Cat in The Hat that moves around.

So now Gbf and I have fun playing hide and seek with the Cat in The Quilt.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us smile!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thank You Suzee!!

RRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRRRRRRrrrr the sound of the postman's motorbike as he takes off after delivering a parcel at my house.

Suzee of AppleHead Threads surprised me with a parcel of fun things. There's so much of her bubbly character in these gifts and yet they're all so Me! She really nailed my taste! I love the keyring!! Big wonderful keyrings are a must in my books. The "big" helps me find them in my over crowded bag and the "wonderful" makes me smile every time I use my keys.

The next item is not just a pretty face but a great idea as well...
It's a Tea Wallet!! I do like to carry tea bags but I usually have them scrunched up in an old paper bag, so Suzee you've given me a little style makeover! I love the little blue daisy fabric!
The fun continues with these awesome vintage fabric swatches.
Love those bright colours! I can assure you these fabrics feel right at home in my stash!
Thank you Suzee for the most wonderful, thoughtful gifts, they really made my day!!

News Flash - My friend Melissa P is having a fabric Giveaway of some of Dena Designs latest range Taza. Cool blues and sophisticated yellows- go and check it out at her blog- 1oo Billion Stars.

Another News Flash- I'm going to be having a little blog break. Due to staff shortages my day job is extra busy with super long hours and I'm exhausted. I'll pop up now and then to leave comments but please don't be offended, or think I don't like you if you don't hear from me. It should all settle down in a few weeks and then I'll be back with lots of fun things to share. Bigger and brighter and more Blue Mountain Daisy than ever! Nah.. I'll just be my usual self...



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