Monday, November 28, 2011

I've Been Sewing!!

Don't you just love the feeling of finishing a quilt top. Those last few stitches in a seam are such a buzz. Well, I'm 3 times as happy because I've got 3 finished in the last couple of weeks, can you believe it?! First is the Oi Emu!! quilt. Sorry no photos today, I'll take some when it's hanging on our lounge room wall.

My 2nd finish is the Waltzing Matillda top!! At 96 inches square, it's bigger than my design wall! Yikes! Once I've sewn the backing I'll be taking it to a long arm quilter. It would be too much of a struggle on my domestic machine and I think a nice swirly all over pattern will look lovely.
Such pretty Matillda fabric, wonderful rich colours!!

Jumpin' Jack Flash is the name of my 3rd achievement. This top is 85inches square. A more manageable size for quilting myself. I'll have a go at some straight line quilting, nice and simple for a busy quilt.
The name of the quilt came to mind because the recipient is a Rolling Stones fan. I dug out my favourite Stones Cd's to listen to as I sewed. The title of the song Jumpin' Jack Flash just seemed to, well, jump out at me. I think it really suits the quilt.
I pulled out lots of fun and interesting fabrics just because I liked them and it seemed like the right time to use them. I realised when I was halfway through that the quilt is like a grown up I-Spy quilt.
How funny is this fabric of melting soap?
I love the circus lady riding a penny farthing bicycle on a tightrope.
The Cat in the Hat looks happy to be part of the quilt, or maybe he's thinking about drinking that carton of milk.

When I'm not revving away on my machine I've been sewing hexagons. It's so nice to drift off in a day dream only to find I've sewn another colourful little pile to add to my collection.

A parcel arrived from the lovely Melody and what should be inside but the wonderful apron I saw on her blog recently. It's almost surreal seeing it in real life and I feel so privileged realising it's for me.
Melody make the most wonderful hexagon flowers and a while ago she showed some with embroidered centers on her blog. I commented on how much I loved the happy little faces and Melody must have remembered. She is so thoughtful. How could anyone resist such a cute smiley pie and the surrounding hedgehogs are so adorable. Thank you Melody!!!
Okay, That's all for now. I've got some quilt backs and binding to prepare. There is something better than finishing a quilt top - and that's finishing a quilt!! or 3!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mug Love

A little blue bird has flown into my home!

Designed by Jane Sassaman, this mug is a glossy version of Strawberry Serenade from her new range Early Birds.
I love all the little details of Jane's fabrics. I keep turning my mug around in rapture. She has a knack for bringing fantastic gardens to life in such wonderful vibrant colours.The little critters, fabulous dandy dandelions, curly tendrils, leaves full of character...
...and don't those strawberries look delicious!

I even love the inside of the cup, a beautiful rich azure.

But wait, there's more!! My friend Chris knows of my red and white polka dot fetish and surprised me with this pair of espresso cups and saucers.
Aren't they fabulous and fun!!

I bet all this talk about mugs and cups has made you feel like a cuppa. Well, can I suggest you go and make one, then come back, settle in and enjoy this video of Jane talking about her Early Birds range. Look out for the giant gingham, primroses and the border print... oohh lovely!!

Cheery Cheers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Gbf warmed my heart yesterday by saying these bright yellow flowers are Mother Nature's birthday cards to me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Oi Emu!!!! the name of the quilt I've made in honour of Corduroy Day - 11/11

LeeAnn over at Nifty Quilts has been telling us about Corduroy Day for a while now. I was going to watch from the sidelines but decided last week that I had to participate in this auspicious year, the 11th. The catch is it left little time for searching out fabrics so I set myself the challenge of using whatever corduroy I could find in one op (thrift) shop.
10 minutes later I had 4 pairs of trousers - 1 brown, 2 shades of beige and 1 deep purple. Not my usual colours but nice and earthy.
When I got home I raided my cupboard and pulled out the screen printed Emu panel and some scraps by Cloth who are based in Sydney, and to add more Aussie talent I threw in some Prints Charming.
I was worried the Emu looked lonely so I found some friendly birds from a vintage curtain sample. It had a hole in it but nothing a linen patch couldn't cover up.
The quilt needed citrus yellow and rust linen give add a bit of zing. The colour of the dill flowers in my garden matches beautifully! Hmmm... I wonder if I was subconsciously influenced.

Two pairs of pants had Lycra through them, but I just ignored the stretch, and any thoughts of bias were thrown out the window too. I really don't mind a few puckers here and there in my liberated quilts.
It measures about 80 inches across with a drop of 45inches which is perfect for the spot on our lounge room wall it's destined for, though I must say that emu looks pretty comfortable sitting on the bench.
I just have to finish the binding first!

Pop over to Nifty Quilts blog where she'll be sharing links of Corduroy Day Quilts. I might be a little early as it's 11/11/11 in Australia before most other places.

Happy Corduroy Day!! Hip Hip Hooroy!!


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