Sunday, March 11, 2012


There once was a girl who liked to sew.
One day she realised she'd lost her mojo.
She decided to have a blogging break,
To concentrate on wonderful things to make.
When she returns there'll be lots to show!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Rain Rain Go Away!!! It's pouring with rain here and has been all week, and will for the next week according to the weather forecast. There's flood warnings for many surrounding towns. We're pretty safe here in the Blue Mountains but the constant rain is a bit... Ugh!!! Lucky I have my sparkly zebra gum boots to splash around in!!!
One thing guaranteed to brighten a grey rainy day is a soft parcel from a dear bloggy friend. Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars, my Sis Boom sister, sent me a preview of Crazy Love in the scrumptious chocolate colourway. And just like chocolate these patterns are good enough to eat and look so sweet!!
Check out the Crazy Love selvedge!!! Melissa gave me some Dapples to play with too. I've been curious about these Free Spirit fabrics as an alternative to solid prints. Sometimes solids are just too flat, a bit of Dappled texture could be just the thing.
That wasn't all in the parcel, A totally gorgeous mug rug!! I'm loving those Sis Boom pinks and yellows together!
And a Break Buddy, for putting tea bags, coffee bags... I'm using it for my Australian Afternoon tea.
I saved the little wrapped box till last. It's a beautiful little Poppet made by Lisa Snellings. It's not just any little Poppet. It's a sweet little tea drinking Poppet! And Melissa has one too. It's our way of having tea together!! I can't think of a more special gift. I admit a couple of tears were shed as I read the accompanying card. I'm so lucky to have such a special bloggy buddy!!

One more rain photo... Here's Gbf collecting herbs for our dinner.
And one more Sis Boom picture because now you've seen my Zebra stripe gum boots you'll know why I'm soooo excited about Jennifer Paganelli's next range coming out in June. Introducing SuperFly...

Zebra print in 6 different colours!!! Bring it on!!!


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