Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quilt Camp!

This weekend I went off to Quilt Camp!!

I've written about quilt camp before here at this post, so today I'll tell you about the game we play after dinner on Saturday night,  maybe you can play it at your next Guild meeting or Quilty Get together.

It's called a Chinese Auction..and is always a highlight of the weekend, lots of fun and frivolity. This is how it's played -

With our Quilt Camp registration we are told to bring a fat quarter in a particular theme, eg Pretty, 1930's, Spotty,  this time the theme was "Funky". 

We wrap them in brown paper bags to make them anonymous and they all get placed in The Big Bag.

To start everyone has to pull a number randomly from a hat.

Once everyone has a number the fun begins. Person number 1 gets to pick a fat quarter from The Big Bag, they open it up and wave it around showing everyone in the room. 

Then it's Person number 2's turn to choose a fat quarter from The Big Bag, open it and show everyone... but lucky them, they get to choose to either keep their fat quarter OR swap it with number 1's . 

and so on with all the following numbers choosing between their fat quarters or any of the ones displayed. 

 Continue all around the room until you get back to Person number one who gets to choose from all of the fat quarters!
 It's an hilarious game to play. There's the suspense as the person having their turn strolls around the circle deciding which fat quarter they want. People either love their fat quarter and try to talk people out of wanting it or try to tempt the current player to swap with them. Seeing people's interpretation of the fabric theme is fun too, especially in our group where we have quilters who tastes range from love Repro, Kaffe, Japanese, Modern, Civil war. There are can be prizes for whoever brings the most popular fat quarter.  

This was the fat quarter we voted the most "Funky".

It's not all games, a lot of serious sewing is achieved at these camps. It's wonderful to walk around and see what everyone is working on, so many beautiful projects. I did get some sewing done on my Sis Boom hexis, not a lot because hand sewing is a bit slower and I do tend to stop and chat, but that's the best part of sewing with others isn't it. I really love my sewing buddies, I'm lucky to have met the most wonderful, funny, lovely, inspiring group of women, we really have a great time together!!

A few more quilt camps and I just might get this quilt finished :)

Giveaway Day Winners

Wow! Isn't Giveaway Day fun!!! Thank you so much to everyone for your amazing comments and answers to "Why did the chicken cross the road?" you had me giggling all week at your wonderfully funny answers! I could never, ever, have picked a favourite and am so thankful to the creators of Random.Org...

You've probably had enough of chickens so lets move onto ducks... so without further delays,  Announcing the grand winner of my Tutti Fruity I Spy Fabric Pack...

It's Heike of  Leuchtzeichen blog !!! WooHooo!!! Heike's blog is full of beautiful photos and super cute sewing projects. You should check it out!!

But wait, there's more!! I couldn't stop at just one winner...

With so many wonderful comments I decided to whip up a few more  "Ouch" pincushions ... so we have ... 3 more winners

Julia of  Stars + Sunshine 

Kelly of Jeli Quilts

and last but not least,

Lucy  of Charm about you 

Congratulations to the all the lucky duck winners, I've sent you emails.

I have to add a Super Huge Welcome to all the wonderful new followers, I hope you have fun when you pop over here for a visit and I look forward to getting to know you. I had planned to have a big Giveaway when I reached 500 followers but it's skyrocketed past that and caught me unawares, oops! I'll need some time to get my prizes together so I'll plan for when we get to 555, then it'll be party time!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sew Mama Sew GiveAway Day

WooHooo - It's Sew Mama Sew GiveAway Day!!!! 

I'm giving away a  "Tutti Fruity Groovy I Spy Fabric Pack".

I've selected fabrics that are a bit different, ones that you may not have seen around.

  First up we have Fruit a La Carte by Hoodie. 
10 fat quarters!! 

 Next item in the Tutti Fruity Groovy I Spy Fabric Pack are these charm squares from a Spoonflower swap I took part in. They are so cute and I've meant to sew them all together into a fun quilt but then I thought it would be nice to let someone else play with them.

The next fabric was on my cutting table and I thought it suited the theme so I included some in the pack. 
I don't know who designed it or who produced it but it sure is super fabulous-
 May I present Pop Pop Drops!! 

I couldn't resist a pin cushion. I made one like this a while ago and had such a great response so I made one for the pack. I'm sure it'll come in handy as you sew your Tutti Fruity I Spy projects.
 The other side of the pinnie... :)

So... what do you have to do to win The Tutti Fruity Groovy I Spy Fabric Pack??? 

 You just have to answer this simple question ...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

And of course all the wonderful followers of Blue Mountain Daisy get an extra entry!!!

 I'm happy to ship any where in the world!!

The Giveaway is open until May 25th 5pm PST and I'll announce the lucky winner on Sunday 27th May.

Usually I try to reply to comments but experience has taught me it gets pretty busy around GiveAway Day, so I'll thank you now for visiting and I wish you all the very best of luck in all the giveaways!!

And a Huge Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for organising this super fun event!!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED- The lucky winner was Heike from Leuchtzeichen.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Love Quilt

 Spells LOVE!!!

I made this quilt as a wedding gift for some friends who have just gotten married. Theirs is a romantic tale... She was an international ballerina, and He travelled the world as a sound engineer for a circus. Cupid lured them both to Melbourne, Australia where they met in Go Go Dancing classes. Yes, it's a true story, wouldn't it make a great movie!

I had fun piecing the letters with my favourite fabrics, but decided the background should be simple so used a natural linen/cotton blend. 

I pieced the linen with various cream fabrics, here and there, just enough to add some interest. 

With so much negative space the quilting is a real feature of this quilt. I have Tanya Croft, long arm quilter extraordinaire, to thank for this. Her wonderful swirly quilting really brings the quilt to life. 

Just in case my newly wedded friends need a change from the Love side they can turn the quilt around and find a bright, frutti tutti fiesta on the reverse. 

Fun, bright colours to wish my friends a fun bright life together!

I included a tea towel from Spoonflower to mark their special year.

Don't you just love stories that end with "Everyone lived happily ever after..."

If you're here because of the Blogger's Quilt Festival , thank you so much for stopping by. I love Bloggers Quilt Festival, I think this is my 4th time participating. It''ll a fun couple of weeks looking at lots of wonderful quilts! And discovering new fabulous blogs to follow! Leave me a comment and I'll pop over and have a look at your festival quilt.
As always a super big Thank You to Amy of Amy's Creative Side for organising such a great event, and 3 cheers for the sponsors who add a cherry on top with lots of wonderful prizes that can be won for just entering a quilt in the festival.

Amy's Creative Side

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Promise Of Joy

I've been looking forward to this book for a long time...

Don't you just love the title...

 A quick flick of the hefty 243 pages, shows quilts of all types. applique, clever piecing, traditional with modern twists, modern with tradional twists... you get the picture...

  Each quilt has a LOT of information. From the concept behind the quilt, fabric tips, handy technique tips, instructions and LOTS of wonderful photos and clear diagrams.

Talk about eye candy, hooly dooly!! All the combinations of colourful fabrics are a feast for the eyes. I feel as though the more I look the more I see. I've been drooling over this book since I got it on Monday and each time I look again I see something I hadn't seen before. A clever border, wonderful fussy cutting, desirable fabrics...

 Making Quilts...The Promise of Joy has been published by Quiltmania, a French publishing group who also creates the fabulous Quiltmania magazine. It means the text is in French as well as English, which I really like,   it makes it feel so...worldly. And yet there is a real Australian feel to this book with the wonderful use of strong colours and beautiful photos set in the Australian landscape. I should add the majority of the fabulous photos of the quilts have been taken by John Doughty, Kathy's husband and a renowned photographer in his own right.

 Towards the back you'll find lots of big, clear patterns.

 Finally the photo on the back cover.. How beautiful is that quilt blowing in the wind, it makes you want to open up the book and start gazing at photos and planning quilts again.
Yep!! Making Quilts...The Promise of Joy has been worth the wait and is better than I hoped for.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lovely Things Come in Threes

Just wait till you see the next 3 exciting instalments of my year of gifts from Melody from The House on The Side Of TheHill Blog. Wrapped in apple green tissue and topped with vintage inspired cards, they were too pretty to open straight away. I saved them till I had a quiet moment on a sunny afternoon, made myself a cup of tea and had a little present party. 

February with Valentines Day is the month of loooove... The romantic scent of lavender wafted up from this parcel as I peeled back the paper. It turned out to be a lovely bag of linen filled with dried lavender topped with a beautiful felt flower.

I unwrapped the bundle and unfolded ... 2 embroidered Pillow Cases ...
Is that not the most romantic thing ever?!! I just love them!!!!

The month of March... the year is Marching along and it's time to get organised , what better way than using a notepad, especially one with Blue Mountain Daisy embroidered on the front. And more gorgeous scented lavender presented between 2 pages of a book sewn together.
A note pad with a row of daisies...

The next Month is April with a theme of  Let's Get Sewing, with the help of this super fun sewing kit...
...full of everything I need, threads, pins, ric rac, spare polka dot fabric. Melody's intuition must have been telling her something when she chose a red and green theme because I started a quilt in those colours a few months ago. It was pushed to the back of the cupboard as I was tempted by other projects.
Here it is - back out of the cupboard and back on my sewing table!!

Thank you Melody!! You are so clever at coming up with such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Your giveaway for a year of gifts was the best ever giveaway anyone could ever win and I'm Sooo lucky it was me!
 Thank you! Thank You ! Thank You!!


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