Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Here's the Easter Bunny singing "Happy Easter to Everyone! " 

On Friday we upheld our annual tradition of home made hot cross buns. Extra fruity and lots of cinnamon! Delicious!!

On Saturday  I sewed! 

The Easter Bunny brought us eggs on Sunday.

Easter eggs are so pretty, don't you think..

I couldn't resist playing...

A friend gave me hand dyed eggs... and memories of making these when I was a little girl. 

 I received the most beautiful hand woven scarf from Gbf.
The back is as pretty as the front.

and he took me out for lunch...

It's been a wonderful Easter...
Wishing you a magical Easter too.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tea Towel Time

It's Thursday and it's been a pretty crazy week so I thought I'd have a Tea Towel fashion parade... well , it's as good a reason as any :)

Let's start with this beauty from The Big Banana!

The Big Banana is one of Australia's Big Icon tourist attractions. I've never actually been there but surely having the tea towel has to be the next best thing. 

Another of Australia's icons is The Big Pineapple ...

To continue the fruity theme... 

I also seem to have a thing for ocean themed tea towels

Ships Ahoy!!

Does anyone remember that show called Flipper? 

This was a good year...

This one has nothing to do with the ocean, it's just cute and quirky. 

I never thought I'd see a game of lawn bowls depicted on a tea towel. It's an interesting design in which the negative space is in the center and the action is happening all around the edges of the picture. 

And here is my favourite, what a great group of birds of different shapes and sizes!... in fact it's a lot like our garden... in the Blue Mountains.

Which is Your favourite ? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quilt Camp!

Last weekend I went to Quilt Camp!

Bronwyn, Janice and I began our mornings with a walk. The venue is set in the middle of nowhere  amongst rolling hills and fields, beautiful old trees that look as though they have a story or two.

 We said hello to the resident donkey. We actually think it's a different donkey from the last time we were there. In our memories the other donkey was a bit scruffier and had more grey fur. This one seemed smaller and younger...and very sweet... except when it started to chase me to eat the frills on my shirt... maybe it was just teasing me ...

The fields were hopping with kangaroos. 
Hello Skippy!

Colourful parrots having their breakfast.

The days were a whirr of sewing machines and chatter. It's such a hive of activity, about 50 quilters all sewing to their hearts content. At this camp we all worked on our own projects and part of the fun is seeing the wide variety of amazing, beautiful quilts being created.  Here's some action shots...

When I sew with my friends I get so distracted so I've learnt its best to take easy projects.
I've been curious about Jelly Roll Race Quilts for a while now and seeing they're basically strips of fabric sewn together I figured it was the perfect time to try one. I know some people can whip these quilts together in an hour, but mine was more of a dawdle than a race as I stopped to make cups of tea, chat and look at what others were creating. It was easily finished in a day.

I didn't have a suitable jelly roll so just used 2.5 inch strips from my stash. I've got a pile of black and white fabrics I've never really used so pulled those out, then decided they needed a bit of colour and added the blues and greens. Gbf says the effect reminds him of rain. 
It was funny, when I told him I was going to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt his response was "Make sure you have lots of bobbins wound.".  I nearly fell of my chair, I don't know how he knows that! I guess he must really listen when I chatter away about sewing. It was good advice though, because I did go through a few bobbins. 

I also finished the binding on 2 quilts! Woohoo!! I haven't had a chance to take photos so I'll show them another day. 

I know I should have taken more sewing photos, see, I get distracted, the weekend was over in a flash before I really thought to take photos.. but here are some more random photos from our walks. 

Quilt camp is always fun! I've already picked out my fabrics for the next quilt camp in August. Bring it on!

Ps Here's another post about about Quilt Camp and what we get up to... 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pebbles & Dancing Birds

Last weekend Gbf and I popped into the Penrith Regional Gallery.

It's a favourite place because the cafe there has really delicious breakfasts in a setting overlooking the garden and of course seeing fabulous art is always a bonus. We didn't know what was showing in the gallery on this visit, so we were pleased to find the main exhibition was of beautiful Kare Sansui, or "dry landscape" in Japanese.

These waterless pebble gardens filled the rooms with a majestic calm .

As I walked around and admired the peaceful patterns they somehow felt familiar...

and then I thought of the quilt I've been working on recently.

Another room hosted a forest of Bonsai trees on pedestals. 

In yet another room we came across a fun interactive exhibit by Joan Ross. Lightbox tables with bits of Elvis and various birds that could be switched and swapped.

WooHoo , Dancing birds!

Our trip to the art gallery wasn't all neutral colours. I spied this wonderful banana flower as I walked through the garden. Such a perfect flower for an art gallery garden!

Okay, It's time to make binding for the Dollop of Cream quilt. I'm going to a quilting retreat this weekend and finishing off this quilt is on my list of things to get done. 


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