Friday, May 17, 2013

Dollop of Cream - Bloggers Quilt Festival

Hi There!!
3 Cheers for the Bloggers Quilt Festival and to Amy's Creative Side for doing a wonderful job of hosting such a great event! And thankyou to You for stopping by to have a look at my quilt!

Dollop Of Cream started when I noticed I had a growing collection of fun cream and beige fabrics in my stash. 

Around that time I did a class with Chris Jurd in which we made the Ferris Wheel circles - a perfect excuse to play with those fun neutrals, and a good change from the brights that I usually work with.

I made a patchy background but was careful with my placements so the circles wouldn't cover up favourite prints.

On the left hand side we have a couple dancing..

Above and to the right there is a cupid keeping an eye on them.

A fun repro flour sack...

And doilies- big, small and even a rectangle one.

I then decided it needed a bird..

and another bird.

And a heart in a hand... I tried to make the hand's edges look as though it had be torn out of a newspaper, and the heart has pictures of paper boats - a symbol of hop if ever there was one. 

So finally the top was finished and the quilting began. I hand quilted with lots of perle thread and just followed the lines of the quilt, making it up as I went along.

I even started sewing crosses, just for fun...

So that's my Dollop of Cream quilt. I hope you liked it.

I have another quilt in the festival -  it's a bit brighter than this quilt - pop over and have a look at 

Ps, I usually like to respond to comments but its going to be a busy week trying to see as many fabulous Festival quilts as possible so I'll thank you now for taking the time to read about my quilts. If you leave me a comment I'll pop over and visit your blog and leave you a comment in return. :)

Jumpin Jack Flash- Bloggers Quilt Festival

First up, I'd like to say a big Thank You to Amy's Creative Side and the wonderful sponsors for putting on the Bloggers Quilt Festival !! 
 Looking at fabulous quilts and discovering new fun blogs, 2 of my favourite things!!! Yay!!

Presenting Jumpin Jack Flash!!
I made this quilt over a year ago so it's about time I share photos of it quilted and bound.

This quilt is the result of pulling out bits and pieces of lots of my favourite novelty prints and throwing them all in together.  Afterwards I realised it was like a big scrappy I-Spy quilt. 

I started by sewing pieces together, then those pieces went with other pieces and so on until I had a quilt top approx 85inches square.  It came together like magic and was a pleasure to sew. It's funny how some quilts behave perfectly and others can be a bag of trouble. 

 I quilted it myself. I was going to do simple straight line quilting across the quilt but halfway through the first line I decided to make it a bit more interesting by quilting where the sewing machine took me, so there's zig zags, loops, stitch in the ditch and all sorts of wonky stitching.

The name of the quilt came to mind because the recipient is a Rolling Stones fan. I dug out my favourite Stones Cd's to listen to as I sewed. The title of the song Jumpin' Jack Flash just seemed to, well, jump out at me. I think it really suits the quilt.

 This photo gives a peek of the backing... Golden yellow fabric with scattered vegetables by Martha Negley.

 And the binding is a scrappyluscious mix of fabrics.

This festival we're allowed to show 2 quilts  so I have another entry called Dollop of Cream, scrappy circles in neutral colours and lots of hand quilting.  click here to have a look.

Thanks for visiting.  I always try to reply to comments but it's going to be a busy week of trying to visit as many festival blogs as I can so please excuse me if I don't reply. If you leave me a comment I'll make sure I visit your blog and leave a comment in return. :) .

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching Up

I feel as though I'm a few weeks behind in posting.. so here goes- a jam packed post of bits and pieces.

It's been 3 weeks since the Springwood Quilt Show was held. I did intend to take lots of photos to share but I got caught up chatting to my friends and before I knew it...

it was time to pack up. 

The following weekend was The Eastwood Quilters Show. What a wonderful welcome - quilted flags as far as the eye can see...

And how's this for a spectacular entrance. There's something special about seeing quilts hanging outside. 

There were so many amazing quilts. Lots of variety of styles, great use of colour and fabrics and I noticed a lot of hand quilting with perle thread. 
This quilt by Dale Ritson was one of my favourites. Of course the photo doesn't do it justice. Apart from being impressed by the amount of work involved in a quilt like this, I loved the fabrics used. It was so colourful, with pops of hot pinks and yellows, well really.. every colour of the rainbow. 


Last week Gbf's parents came to visit. On Saturday we went for a stroll in a rainforest...

I really loved the tangled vines hanging everywhere.

For Mother's Day we took Gbf's mum and dad for a cruise on this paddle steamer along the Nepean 

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, sunny and warm with clear blue skies. The views were a feast for the eyes.

There was an afternoon sing-a-long in which Gbf's mum was a star!

The next lot of photos are all the way from Tuscany, where my brother, Adam was performing in the Filarmonica Giuseppe Verdi. It turns out the clarinetist is a quilter, but not only that but she's originally from Tasmania, Australia and had also recently travelled to Israel where Adam had just been visiting. It's a small world full of conincidences - that's for sure.

Hello Carol Samuelson !!!!

Here's one of Carol's WIPS, she's still working on the ordering, see the strips either side... I love those bright happy colours!!

 Piles of fabrics.  Just goes to show, all over the world there's quilters playing with colours and fabrics and having a great time. 

Wow, that was a mega post!! I'll be back soon to show off a finished quilt or two... 


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