Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happppyy Halloweeeennn

Boo!! Screech!!! EEeeK!!

Oooky Spoooky Pumpkin Witch...

Zombie ducks...

flying over the scarey lairy flowers...

Spikey Yikes!!

If orange is too bright, how about some black and white...

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

If I could pick a costume to wear for Halloween it would a cute little kitty with wings and an umbrella.

and I'd go trick or treating in a carriage of flowers pulled by two lambs.

But, I'll be at home this evening ready and waiting...

With a pumpkin...

    full to the brim with yummy treats for all the happy Trick or Treaters

Have a Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Neon Bounce - Bloggers Quilt Festival

This is my most recent finish - Neon Bounce.
I finished it just in time to come on a recent day trip to Circular Quay in Sydney. 

First stop was the Sydney Opera House. 

This graceful, iconic building is celebrating it's 40th birthday this week.
Happy Birthday Opera House!!

From a distance the sail-like building gleams a bright white 

 but close it looks as though it's made of patchwork.

We continued on our way and met a snail who fancied using my quilt as a scarf.

On a ferry about to go under the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

Happy Clowns , open mouthed in amazement

Hard to belive anything is brighter than those neon fabrics but this radiant sun was shining brightly. 

But this is my favourite photo of all. Fancy bumping into someone tall enough to hold an 80 inch quilt so effortlessly. 

After having a fun day out seeing the sights Neon Bounce looks right at home in the place it was made for - the end of my hallway. 

Name: Neon Bounce
Size: 25 x 85 inches
Pattern : Me!  Rachaeldaisy
Pieced and Quilted by : Me! 
Festival Category: Wall Hanging


I'm linking up to Bloggers Quilt Festival, one of my favourite times in the blogisphere. Lovely days of reading about wonderful quilts and finding new blogs to follow.
A big Thank You to Amy from Amy's Creative Side and all the wonderful sponsors for this super fun event  

This is one of two quilts I've entered in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.
Follow this link to my other quilt, Scrappyluscious Stars. entered in the Scrappy Quilt category.

Scrappyluscious Stars - Bloggers Quilt Festival

Introducing Scrappyluscious Stars

This quilt has been finished for quite a while but I haven't shared it on my blog because it's been waiting for a special photo shoot.  

I knew I wanted a location that was colourful and fun

somewhere a bit different 

A spot that would have a Sydney vibe.

I knew the perfect place...

So we jumped on a ferry which took us across Sydney Harbour.

and soon arrived at Luna Park

a place of bright colours and a carnival atmosphere. 

I love how the big face is wearing a big pointy compass hat. It matches the points of the Scrappyluscious Stars.

The clowns seemed happy to see such a festive quilt. 

And these guys looked as though they wanted to run off with it. 

Magic Mirrors!

A bit of merry-go-round glamour.

Scrappyluscious binding.

So that's it ladies and gentlemen, Scrappyluscious Stars

A quilt full of colourful adventures!!!

Fabrics: All colourful fabrics are from different SisBoom ranges designed by Jennifer Paganelli combined with a mix of different white fabrics. 
Pieced: Me!
Longarm Quilted: By Tanya Croft , She used a fun all over swirly pattern. 
Size: 64 x 64 inches
Quilt Festival Category : Scrappy Quilt


Wishing everyone a Happy Bloggers Quilt Festival!!
A huge thank you to Amy of Amys Creative Side and all the wonderful sponsers for making this such a great event.  I'm going to enjoy seeing lots of fabulous quilts!!

I'd love it if you had a look at my other Bloggers Festival entry.
It's called Neon Bounce and it's in the Wall Hanging Category Follow this Link to have a look.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pockets full of Posies

What do you think of my new header? I thought it was about time I had a change.

Anyway, here's that little flower I showed a few posts ago

And here is the rest of the garden.
A lot of the flowers are just pinned in place and I'm slowly appliquing them down, and having fun decorating with stitches, so this is still very much a work in progress. 
For the flowers I've mostly used wool felt and added some cotton fabrics for variety and pattern.
 The pockets don't stand out very well in the photograph but are much more obvious in real life. I'm hoping my plans for hand quilting will help highlight them even more. 

The fires continue to rage throughout the Blue Mountains. It's been truely heartbreaking hearing tragic stories about people losing their homes and properties. The firemen and rescue workers are doing an amazing job and although homes have been burnt down or damaged no lives have been lost.
Lucky for us our area has been safe so far. If it looks at all like we may be affected we'll play it safe and leave straight away.  


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