Saturday, December 21, 2013

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

Santa brought to me...

Twelve jolly red buttons

Eleven garden flowers

Ten Aurifil threads

Nine juicy cherries

Eight Sis Boom fabrics

Seven festive stars

Six fruit mince tarts

Five assorted doilies

Four leaping reindeers

Three cute Christmas cards

Two happy vintage swap cards

and a partridge on a gold tree!

Wishing you all a very merry Merry Christmas, happy festive times and lots of seasons greetings! 

For more Blue Mountain Daisy Christmas fun follow these links:

A Christmas Adventure - a modern fairytale.

Santa's Reindeers - can you name them all? 

I'll be back in the New Year for an action packed, crafty 2014! See you then :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cucumber Collins

Recently my blog friends Shay and Marg started Cocktail Wednesdays. Each week they celebrate the middle of the week by picking a different cocktail for review.
As the weeks have gone by they seem to be getting more and more adventurous and are trying some very unusual drinks, one even included coffee and bacon, yerrk!!  A Cucumber Collins might be a bit tame for these fearless adventurers but they're being polite enough to try it when I told them it was one of my favourite cocktails. 

Cucumber Collins' are more of a summer drink, so for those of you who are knee deep in snow you may want to bookmark this to try when the weather warms up. 


1/4 cup Cucumber
1 tsp Lime
(Some recipes say mint instead of coriander but I think coriander has a lovely floral, aromatic flavour)  

Soda Water 
2 Ounces of Gin  
Ice Cubes  
2 teaspoons of Sugar

In a cocktail shaker,
Muddle the Cucumber, Coriander and Sugar
Add the Lime Juice and Gin and Ice
Shake well
Strain into a tall Collins glass
Top it off with soda water

Usually I like to go over the top with colourful accessories when garnishing cocktails 

but a Cucumber Collins just needs a straw, a slice of cucumber and long wedge popped into the drink.

Served on a pretty table cloth. 

For those who don't like alcohol we tried the same recipe without the gin and I can assure you it tasted just as good. Very refreshing!!  It's nice with a few strawberries thrown in too!

I'll be curious to hear what Shay and Marg will say about this cocktail. To read their verdicts pop over to their blogs. ( Sometimes they don't post their reviews until later on Thursdays, I guess it depends on how good the cocktails were)

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I recently entered my Double Denim Wedding Ring quilt in the NYC Metro Mod Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge.

And I've just found out Darlene Zimmerman chose my quilt as her Judge's Choice Winner.  
Oh My Golly Gumboots, I nearly fell off my chair!!  This is such an honour!!!!!

I think I'm actually a bit speechless. I'll just keep pinching myself to make sure it's not a dream.

In the meantime pop over to the NYC Metro Mod Blog to see all the amazing winning quilts.  

The little lady's new name.

So that's Giveaway Day (week) over . An enormous thank you to all who entered and welcome to all the new followers.

Everyone came up with the most brilliant names for the little lady. It was wonderful to hear all the Hawiian names and their meanings. Some of you made up fun names like Dailue, a mix of Blue and Daisy. Lots of pretty flowers names. There were lovely more common names like Susie, Phoebe that were just as perfect. 
The most popular suggestions seemed to be the lovely name Lelani and ones that included Hula
So using those Miss pretty face's new name is:

Lelani Hula Lula!!

It's making her smile!

Okay - the part you've all been waiting for ..

The winners are:

Diana @ Red Delicious - The Low Volume bundle
Peaches 1003 - A Tula Pink Bundle

and because I had so many wonderful comments I decided to add another bundle of Tula Pink fabrics , so the lucky 3rd winner is:

Leanne of Daisy&Jack. 

I've sent emails to the winners so I hope they're doing happy dances and planning what they'll do with their new fabrics. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hexies, Labels and a Parrot..

Gosh!! I'm so blown away by the wonderful response for my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!! It's still open until Saturday 14th Dec 5pm Aussie Time so if you've still got time to join the fun in my previous post. It's been so fun reading through all the comments and lots of great suggestions for the little lady's name. A huge welcome to the new followers of Blue Mountain Daisy. I hope you enjoy visiting. 

Besides entering giveaways I've been sewing hexagons. Pat Sloan is making a birthday quilt and has requested blocks to include red and aqua. I know she admired my Sis Boom hexy blocks in the past so I thought I'd go for a similar style. When it came to the background I couldn't decide which red fabric to use so I went for a combo, and it's sewn off center so as not to be too predictable.

The blocks can be any size so I've left a lot of fabric around the edges that can be trimmed to what ever size is needed in it's placement in the quilt. 

I couldn't help making another little one when I came across letter fabric and the happy birthday teddy bear was the perfect center. Once again I left lots of trimming fabric. 

I've also been labelling quilts! Here's the label I made for Pockets Full of Posies. 

I've always felt my labels were a bit boring. It takes the fun out of labelling quilts so it's a job I always put off and only label them when I really have to.
That was until now-  I think I've really hit on a Rachaeldaisy label style with these hand drawn flowers.

I simply draw them with texta on paper.

Then print them onto printable fabric sheets. 

It's fun coming up with designs that suit each quilt. I might even go back and redo the labels on some of my older quilts. 

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce Mr King Parrot who comes to visit us sometimes. 

He sits on our outside table and chirps about his adventures in the tree tops.

Usually he flies away if I go to get my camera but this day I happened to have my camera handy and managed to get some photos. 

Fluoro orange and green , now there's some colour inspiration!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Give Away Day!!

Yippee Yay!! Hip hip Hooray!! It's Sew Mama Sew GiveAway Day!!

I've got two bundles for 2 lucky winners. 

First up is a super stack of Tula Pink fabrics. 

It includes 20 fabrics from different ranges such as Hushabye, Prince Charming, Salt Water.  If you love Tula's fabrics you'll want to win this to top up your stash, and if you don't know her wonderful designs then having this stack would be a fun journey of discovery. 

The 2nd bundle is a collection of Low Volume fabrics.

There's a bit of everything - spots, cute novelty fabrics, dreamy creams, classic black and white and some ever popular text fabrics. Sew it all together for a quick Low Volume quilt or mix and match with your brights to make a bright and white delight! 

You have two chances to win one of these bundles.

1) Leave a comment letting me know what you would call this Little Lady. She came to live at my house a few weeks ago and I still haven't thought of a good name for her. 

2) Fabulous Followers and Wonderful New Followers get to leave a second comment - tell me how you follow, I'm curious, Is it by Bloglovin, Feedly, email ...?

I'll ship everywhere and anywhere in the world!! 
I'll be using Mr Random Selector to pick the winners at 5pm on the14th of December, Blue Mountains, Australian time.

Wishing you all lots of luck and fun times during Give Away Day!! 

***This Giveaway is Now Closed - A Huge Thank you so much to everyone who entered!! 

The winners are:

Diana @ Red Delicious 
Peaches 1003 

and because I had so many comments I decided to add another bundle of Tula Pink fabrics , so the lucky 3rd winner is 

Leanne of Daisy&Jack. 

I've contacted the winners by email. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bits and Pieces...

Thank you so much to everyone for the most wonderful comments about my Pockets Full of Posies quilt!! It's amazing to get such encouraging and positive feedback. Pockets Full of Posies was the most popular name but I'll include Denim Garden on the label as well. 

I've been going through a bit of a sewing lull since finishing that quilt. I decided to give my sewing room a thorough tidying. This entailed getting out all my UFOs and WIPs. Oh my golly gumboots - I have 11 quilt tops that need quilting and about the same number of half finished tops and projects that are waiting for my attention. It's left me feeling a bit overwhelmed so while I'm catching my breath and figuring out a plan of action to tackle the backlog I'll share some other bits and pieces with you...

I received this gorgeous card from a good friend. What a clever use of dried flowers. How pretty are the dainty earrings.

From dried petals to the real thing - These are my favourite flowers of all time. Dark Red Peonies. I'm lucky that they usually flower around my birthday so I can get a bunch to celebrate. 
They start as buds that look like beetroots ...

... and blossom into these big fluffy blooms. 

I was the lucky winner of Sew Serendipity Bags as giveaway prize at Forget-Me-Not blog. 
Thanks Susanne!!  
Do you think the Universe is telling me I should make a bag? The ruffle one on the cover is particularly tempting. 

Here's some recent fabrics added to my stash. It's hard to resist colourful text prints and blue daisies. 

 This next fabric has to be the best cheater fabric ever. Crochet Granny Squares fabric!! 
How genius!

I found it at Spotlight. It's a drill cotton so heavier than quilting cotton. I was thinking it would make a fun skirt, quirky cushions or even a bag from the Sew Serendipity Bag book. 

But not until I've sorted out some of the piles of unfinished quilts first. :)


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