Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forget me Knot

I recently made a little sampler of knots that can be used for tying quilts. 

It was a great excuse to play with buttons, daisies, ribbon and yarn.

It ended up being a sweet little quilt of 17inches square. 

Of course I called it Forget Me Knot. 

And to make sure I really don't forget I've written a post about popular knots used in quilting. Pop over here to the Craftsy blog to check it out. Feel free to let me know if you've any got handy Tying tips. I'm sure there's lots of clever tricks out there.

I seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. A photo of my Double Denim Wedding Ring quilt appears on page 21 of Modern Patchwork Spring 2014. The quality of the photographs is really excellent. You can actually see the stitches of my quilting. It's a great magazine with lots of patterns and a focus on fun bright modern quilts. 

I've also heard Blue Mountain Daisy has been mentioned as a blog to visit in the current New Zealand Quilter magazine. I've ordered a copy but haven't received it yet so not quite sure what it actually says, but to any New Zealanders that are reading this - Kia ora!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Springwood Quilt Show 2014

Another Springwood Quilt Show has been and gone. As promised I have some show and tell for you.
There were approximately150 quilts on display so this is just a selection of quilts made by my friends. 

I'll start with Chris Jurd's quilt. Aptly named Fiesta it looks as though lots of wonderful New York Beauty blocks are having a wild colourful party! 

A lot of the quilts I'll show you are Chris Jurd patterns because a lot of local quilters are lucky enough to do classes with her. I really enjoy seeing the same patterns made in different fabrics. The next 6 quilts are based on her patterns.

You'll recognise my Octopus's Garden quilt. 

And Scrappyluscious Stars

By chance it was hung opposite Sue Geldard's version of the same pattern. She has called her quilt Supernova. Sue's border takes it to a whole new level!

 Lorraine Titcume called her version of Chris's Hatchet quilt Tiffany after the person she made it for. 

Lorraine's other quilt was my personal pick of the show. Perfectly named Treasures of Japan after the majority of fabrics that were collected on her trips to Japan. 

I could have look at it for hours. All the 4inch square in a square blocks had wonderful fussy cut images. 
Peeking geishas, flowers, horses, fans... you name it if you looked long enough you'd find it in this quilt. 

Bronwyn English's Geese in the Garden also had beautiful fussy cutting in the center star. I loved her used of reds and greens, every fabric she used looks as though it was just made to be in this quilt..

This beauty by Sue Geldard was huge!! I didn't get the name because it was hanging too high up on the wall but I can tell you that it had a lovely shine from the metallics printed on some of the fabrics.  

Suzanne Laird's wonderful lime hexagons were a version of a Brandon Mably quilt from Kaffe Quilts Again book. I loved her name for it - Fresh as a Daisy

The Springwood Show isn't a judged show but there are Viewer's Choice prizes for each day - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don't know the winners of Friday and Saturday so couldn't get permission for photos but I can show the Sunday's Viewer's Choice quilt ...

A Pocket Full Of Posies!!!!!

Yes, I won a prize - well blow me down!! I really couldn't believe it when my name was called out. I'm still pinching myself. I never enter shows thinking I'll win a prize so it was such a surprise! Thank you so much to everyone who picked my quilt and wrote such wonderful comments. It really means a lot to be able to read what you like about my quilts.

Finally a big "Well Done" to the committee. They always do such an amazing job of organising the show. Next year will be the Springwood Quilt Show's 10th year, I've heard they are already planning next year's raffle quilt. I bet it's going to be extra fabulous!

PS. You can see the other Viewer's Choice winning quilts on the Springwood Quilt Show Blog, and a very happy smiley photo of me with my prize. ( still pinching myself!)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Behind the Scenes And Behind The Quilts.

The Springwood Show opens tomorrow at 11am, and it was all happening behind the scenes today as the quilts were being hung
I was up a ladder when it occured to me that us hangers not only get to enjoy unfolding the quilts but we also get to see lots of wonderful quilt backs too!! It's like a hidden quilt show where the behinds are as are as wonderful and diverse as the fronts. 

How about these Super Stripes that show off the swirly quilting. 

Lovely giant lime dots or Teeny tiny puppies

Floaty flowers

If I was a bird I'd want to be on this wonderful back.

The flowers on this backing looked real! 

Of course there lots of quilts are backed with gorgeous reproduction fabrics.

and some use fabrics that are more contemporary. 

There's colourful pieced backings

And here's one that looks a bit like a storm brewing.

Simple plain backings show off clever quilting.

Even when they're orange chenille!!

That's just that backs so you can imagine how amazing the fronts are! 
As you can understand there's no general handling of the quilts but if you're curious about seeing the backing of any quilt then just ask the friendly White Glove Lady and she'll be able to show you. 

I haven't even mentioned all the fun labels!

Come on down to the
Springwood Quilt Show
Friday , 11am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday , 10am-4pm
Springwood High School, Grose Rd, Faulconbridge.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Picking A Winner From a Bouquet of Flowers

Well here it is - the enormous bouquet of daisies you all helped to create with all your wonderful comments about my 4th blogiversary!!
 Thank you so much! I couldn't have asked for a more lovely gift than a big bunch of colourful flowers.

 I had planned to pick a winner by choosing a flower straight from the bouquet but after receiving so many entries somehow that just didn't seem enough so I extended the process a bit. Here's what I ended up doing. 

I wrote your names on individual flowers and then mixed them all up so I wouldn't know which flower was where. Then I went and got Gbf and asked him to choose 25 flowers. 

We folded those 25 daisies and put them into this white vase.

Then 10 flowers were randomly selected from the white vase and given to the blue boy to put in his wheelbarrow.

From here 4 blooms where chosen 

to become ducks wings! While I placed the wings into position Gbf looked away and thought of a number...  he picked the number 2!

The second duck revealed Gill's name so she's the lucky winner of the Swoon Houses!!
Congratulations Gill!! 

Thank you so much again to all who took part in the giveaway!! I might just have some more giveaways coming up, you just never know.
If you would like to make your own Swoon Houses block here is the link to a tutorial. Of course I have to thank Camille Roskelly for designing the Swoon block in the first place. All I really did was add doors and windows. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Chickens Of Daisyland.

I've been meaning to introduce my chickens for some time now and what better time than Easter.

We'll start with Ginger Fluff. Her motto is "Can I have a banana?" 
She's the adventurer of the two. When we let them out of the coop she heads straight for the horizon. We soon learnt to have a banana nearby to lure her home. 
If she could be anything she would be an explorer and go in search of tropical islands full of tasty exotic fruit. Or an Astronaut because she thinks there are bananas on the moon. 
She is an Isa Brown chicken but we think she has some Leghorn to give her such pretty marbled toffee coloured feathers.

Her best friend is Maybellene whose motto is "Eat now and think later!" 
She lives for eating! Her favourite treats are bugs, and tomatoes, and silverbeet, and most other things too. If she could be anything it would be a chef cooking big hearty meals using all sorts of interesting and unusual ingredients. 
We think Maybellene is part Isa Brown and part goat because of her inclination to eat everything and anything. 

They are very best friends. I think because there is only two of them neither seems to be the bossy one. They play little chasey games and pinch food from each other but just when you think one is being more dominant somehow the tables turn and it's the other one calling the shots

The have a whole garden to explore but they like to eat in the same area as each other. 

Sometimes they look like a two headed chicken. 

Here's their little house. We had a fox come and visit us one morning. It was lucky Gbf spotted it and we chased it away yelling and screaming like crazy people. You can just imagine! The incident took us by surprise because we really didn't think foxes lived around here. We've since heard where there's chickens there'll be foxes. Gbf has now built a super coop that is totally fox proof and this little house sits inside it so they have their little nesting boxes and sleeping perch.

It's been a funny ride adjusting to having chickens. There have been times they've been threatened with an axe but mostly they are very cute and very entertaining with their funny little ways. 

And of course they produce such yummy eggs! Extra bright yellow yolks and whites so fluffy you just want to make omelettes. 

So that's the story of Ginger Fluff and Maybellene, the happy little chickens of Daisyland.

They wish you all a very happy and Eggsellent Easter!

*News Flash - I'm honoured to be the featured quilter on Amy's Creative Side blog. Pop over here to read my quilty ramblings. *


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