Saturday, February 18, 2017

First Class Fun!

I had my first class at Material Obsession on Tuesday, 14th February - Valentines Day!
Most of you know I was a florist for many years and so Valentines was the always the biggest day on the calendar. How perfect that classes should begin on such an ominous day.

We had Sooo much fun!!! What a pleasure to spend time with such a lovely group of women. You know what quilters are like... friendly, happy and enthusiastic about playing with fabric.

I didn't take many photos,  Time flies when you're having fun and I really kept moving around the room helping everyone with their blocks.

Some chose to make their blocks by hand, others by machine, there is even one person making miniature blocks. It was fun adapting the design to accommodate the impossibly small pieces.

Heather, whose instagram account is bessie_souch, finished her block at home and it's a beauty!! I love all of those rich colours with a sunny center. 

I know I've said this before but just being at Material Obsession is inspiring. I know many of you live further afield and haven't been to the shop so I'll try to take a few photos each time I'm there to share with you. I've fallen in love with this Sue Spargo wool. So many gorgeous colours and it has such a dreamy soft feel to it. It's certainly got my creative cogs turning.

And this wall of quilts!! These are some of Kathy Doughty's quilts from her various books. Such wonderful fabric choices and beautifully hand quilted.  

Talking of quilts, I realised I haven't shared the Springwood Community Quilt Show's 2017 raffle quilt with you. Let me introduce Cherry Time...

It was made by the members of the quilt show committee. Each of us making a couple of blocks, then getting together for sewing days to complete the top. The quilt was finished off with custom quilting by Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting. 
The 2017 show's featured quilter Anne Sommerlad created the pattern especially for the show. It pays homage to another raffle quilt she designed for the show in 2009 called Hanzano which also had applique hexagons. 
Anne's pattern is called Cheritaimu but we chose to use the English translation Cherry Time. A perfect name seeing the quilt was made with Japanese fabrics and many of the hexagons have fussy cut cherry blossoms. 

Our quilt show book marks can now be found in quilt shops throughout the Blue Mountains region and Sydney.  They have everything you need to know about the show in a handy size  I know some people collect them from each year.

For Valentine's I couldn't resist a heart. You know I like to play :)

Entries for quilts are now open to quilters of the Blue Mountains region for our 2017 show. Even if you don't enter a quilt you're welcome to sign up as a volunteer to help out over the show, or why not start telling your friends and organise a fun day out to Springwood on the last weekend of April, 28-30th. 

Some of you may have noticed I'm a bit quieter in blogland these days. It's just a matter of not having enough hours in a day. I've got finished quilts to share and stories to tell but I can only sit in front of a computer for so long so they'll have to wait until another time.
Towards the end of last year I discovered Instagram and how wonderfully quick and easy it is to post a photo. I aim to share a photo every day so if you want a daily dose of Blue Mountain Daisy colour you can follow me there @bluemountaindaisy. 

I'll leave with you with some snaps taken over the last few weeks, and I wish you all a happy time until my next post. 

Monday, February 6, 2017


It's the height of summer here in Australia and boy oh boy have we been having some very hot weather!! In the Blue Mountains temperatures have been reaching 40C/104F and over. Ughh!! This post was inspired when wishing for cool breezes on those hot days.

As you probably know by now I'm a fan of collections, but you may not know I'm also a collector of fans - or more accurately - hand held folding fans. 

I love how something so simple can be so useful and also decorative. 

I only have a few fans, just enough to fit in this vase that sits in the lounge room. It's good to have them handy for those warm evenings.  

You would also know by now that along with collecting I like having fun with photos so I guess it was only a matter of time before I took photos of my fans.

So one super hot afternoon when it was too hot to sew I did just that. I teamed my fans up with quilts.

I began with the most obvious partnership - the Zebra fan with Wild Thing, my quilt celebrating the colourful zebra prints from Jennifer Paganellis Super Fly range. What an electric combo!!

A blue daisy fan meets the sunny melons on Ric Rac Razzamatazz.

Dragon fan goes walking through a colourful garden on Gypsy Carnival.

A pretty red fan got a modern makeover in this play of geometry on my Conversation quilt. 

Cool cat lurking under a ricrac arch on Clamshell Carousel.

Pretty curves on Fair and Square

Frilly edges everywhere on my Charming Smiles quilt.

This bamboo fan looks as though to belongs on Dollop of Cream.

Wonderful textures abound from the folds in the fan and the quilting on my Bubbles quilt.

There's just one more fan in my collection. A big whopper!

Thank you for indulging me and my whimsical fan-cies.

Wishing you all a fantastic week.


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